StarStruck Glamping: Camping Meets Luxury Near Big Bend

StarStruck Glamping: Camping Meets Luxury Near Big Bend

While boutique hotels and unique AirBnBs abound, one luxury stay stands out. Meet StarStruck Glamping, an upscale Texas campsite perfect for a retreat where guests want to get away, but not go totally off the grid. It’s the best of both worlds. 

What is Glamping?

In its most basic sense, “glamping” is a portmanteau combining “glamorous” and “camping.” In other words: glamorous camping. It’s a camping experience that replaces the worst parts of camping - cramped spaces, no running water, no WiFi - with full accommodations, all while maintaining the rustic landscape, open skies, and classic camping activities. You get to have your s’more and eat it, too.


The StarStruck Experience

Though there are many (or at least far more than ever before) glamping experiences available, the StarStruck experience is special. Located near Big Bend, Texas, StarStruck combines the great outdoors with modern conveniences for a splendid stay in The Lone Star State desert. 


To mimic sleeping in a tent, StarStruck Glamping provides geodesic domes, huts that look akin to an igloo. Guests are safe inside the domes, yet are able to enjoy the world around them thanks to the hut windows. But that’s where the similarities between tent and dome end. 


Each dome is solar powered; outfitted with air conditioning, an en suite bathroom, and an outdoor kitchen and dining area; and can accommodate different numbers of people depending on need. The domes are fully purveyed with amenities such as silverware and soap, and each includes a telescope so guests can take full advantage of the unparalleled mountain views. 


Despite its luxurious features, StarStruck Glamping is a good 30 minutes away from civilization, making it a quite remote destination. However, this only adds to its appeal, positioning it as a rural retreat from the noise of society. There are many ways to glamp, but few offer the rustic wonder embedded into a StarStruck stay. 


Activities Nearby

If you’re looking for more activity, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is close enough for a daytime trek. Take a hike, ride a horse, or explore the Rio Grand in a kayak or canoe. Look for wildlife around the park and check out where others are camping. There are endless ways to keep yourself occupied in the sprawling splendor that is Big Bend. 


If you need a touch more social interaction, Alpine, Texas is an hour away from StarStruck. Just be sure to return in time to watch the sunset and the sky transform into a kaleidoscope of stars. Few views are as awe-inspiring as the night sky at StarStruck. 


How to Book Your Stay

To book your stay at StarStruck Glamping, head to their website, then peruse their Instagram page to start daydreaming about your visit. With cooler temperatures about to knock on Texas’s door, it’s the perfect time to start planning a fall trip, and there’s no better way to enjoy the state’s border than a stay at StarStruck. 


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