Try Tlahco Mexican Kitchen, a San Antonio Special

Try Tlahco Mexican Kitchen, a San Antonio Special

If you’re craving food from south of the border but haven’t the time to travel, patronize Tlahco Mexican Kitchen, a San Antonio restaurant known for its unparalleled authentic Mexican fare. This eatery is equal parts fun and fabulous, the menu teeming with cuisine meant for guests with an appreciation for fresh ingredients and explosive flavors. 

Dine Any Time of the Day 

The list of things to love about Tlahco is unending, but near the top is its hours of operation. The San Antonio restaurant, which has two separate locations, is open from morning to night, and its menu matches. Tlahco serves breakfast foods, and they offer dishes typically reserved for hours later in the day. 


If you don’t abide by the arbitrary standards of eating certain foods at certain times of the day, you’ll be thrilled to learn their items can be cooked all day, giving you the freedom to order what you want when you want it. And who doesn’t want buttermilk pancakes at 8 p.m.? 


Tlahco’s breakfast menu doesn’t much deviate from standard options, but instead puts playful spins on classics, setting them apart from their competition. With plenty of huevos and migas variations to choose from, customers are sure to find a dish that trips their trigger. And with an extensive breakfast tacos section, there’s certainly something available you’ll enjoy. 

Enjoy Lunch and Dinner

If you do prefer to eat lunch and dinner foods at lunch and dinner times, wait until at least 11:00 a.m. when you’ll be served complimentary chips and bean dip. Or opt for another appetizer, like their Elote, Grilled Jalapeno, or Ceviche. 


Tlahco’s menu is categorized by food type: Street Tacos, Tortas, Antojitos, Quesadillas, Parrilladas, Sides, and Dessert, each boasting meat-heavy dishes packed with Mexican flavor. Standout items include the Barbacoa featuring beef cheek, cilantro, and onion; the Chicharron Prensado with pork belly, refried beans, pickled onion, and habanero, and the Arrachera Plate with beer marinated skirt steak, grilled onions, bacon-wrapped jalapeno, and cheese. 


Beans and rice accompany some entrees, as is customary in a Mexican restaurant, breeding warmth and familiarity into its inviting atmosphere. 

Sip on Drinks

Tlahco keeps its drink list short, so don’t arrive hoping for a custom cocktail. Expect straightforward, reliable beverages that you’d find if you were dining with your passport in your pocket. There is a full bar, though, so micheladas and margaritas are available upon request. 

Savor the Atmosphere

Replete with an indoor dining area and a patio, Tlahco is welcoming yet different, making guests feel at home while providing patrons with a memorable dining experience. A mariachi band plays every Friday night at its Encino Rio location, and specials run frequently at both places. On top of its specials are affordable prices, no single-serve menu item costing more than $15. Tlahco is tasty and accessible, further propelling it above its competition. 


The Texas food scene offers a host of Mexican restaurant choices, but Tlahco sits above the rest. Whether you’re popping in for appetizers at Happy Hour or gorging yourself on a proper meal, you’ll leave satisfied. 

Photo credit: Josh Bills, Instagram:BitesWithBills
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