Stick Talk Cajun Hibachi Proves Food Trucks are More Than Just a Trend

Stick Talk Cajun Hibachi Proves Food Trucks are More Than Just a Trend

Whether you came across a food truck on a late night stroll, at your local food truck Friday, or in the scene of your favorite TV show or movie, it’s impossible to be unaware of their glowing presence in casual American fare. Though they’ve existed for over a century, they’ve surged in popularity recently as business owners have discovered their magic: low operating costs and high profits. 


The Houston food truck scene is hot, and Stick Talk Cajun Hibachi is one of the most unique. Offering some of the best fusion food in Houston, Stick Talk elevated the Texas food scene with its hearty, flavorful offerings, all concocted in a vehicle. 

Cajun Hibachi Done Right

The menu at Stick Talk is simple: choose from the Entrees or Combination Plate list, and you’ll receive a heaping serving of fried rice, vegetables, and your choice of meat. Though customers have limited options for meat, each is of high quality. Our favorite options include Crawfish Tails, Filet Mignon, and Lobster Tails. An all-vegetable choice is available, too. 


Stick Talk is meat forward, and the Combination Plates prove that. If one meat isn’t enough, try a combination like their Yacht Club, which has lobster, salmon, shrimp, and crawfish tail. Or opt for their Turf & Turf, an ample serving of some of the Houston restaurant’s reddest meats, including filet mignon, chicken, and ribeye. 


If you’re still not satisfied, or you’d like some customization, check out their Add Ons menu, where fried rice, vegetables, and meat can be tacked onto your original order. With this option, your cajun hibachi meal is limited only to your imagination … or maybe your wallet. 

Unique Sauces and Drinks

Stick Talk’s known for its epic flavors, and that's thanks in part to its sauces. Most sauces are straightforward - Teriyaki, Spicy Garlic Butter, Soy Garlic - but others are a little more mysterious, like Yum Yum and Summer Sauce (Hot). But with a name like Yum Yum and a reputation like Stick Talk’s, it’s easy to trust the sauce will taste sublime no matter what it’s called. 


Wash down your massive plate of cajun hibachi with one of Stick Talk’s house-made drink offerings. If you’re craving a fruity or sweet flavor, this is your opportunity to scratch that itch. Try an Exotic Pop like Wu Tang Pineapple or Too Short Strawberry. If lemonade hits closer to home, choose from their classic mix, or have a fruitier option like Strawberry or Blue Raspberry. 

Perfect Environment

Though a food truck indicates mobility, Stick Talk stays in one location. Parked in west Houston, Stick Talk is open well into the night and features a casual patio for Texas foodies to beat the heat. 


If you want Stick Talk to move, you can hire the restaurant to cater your event. Though it can’t mobilize its patio, Stick Talk can transport its flavorsome cajun hibachi to satisfy your savory cravings. Stick Talk proves Texas food is tasty no matter where it’s made. 

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